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Transforming Mobile App Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Transforming Mobile App Marketing with Artificial Intelligence3 min read

Artificial Intelligence or AI, as we know it, is not new to us anymore. We have been experiencing the uses of AI for at least a decade now not only in computers but in our mobiles as well. The coming years hold in store a number of trends that could be transforming the Mobile App Marketing. The way the mobile users are reacting to the use of AI in mobile apps can really stimulate the development of AI based mobile applications. In the next 5-years, AI may find itself as a 100 billion Dollar technology in the global app market.

Some of the trends that can be helpful in transforming the mobile app marketing using artificial intelligence include:

  1. Automated Reasoning
  2. Enriched UX
  3. Buying Behaviour
  4. Consumer Decisions Powered by AI
  5. Going Global with Localization

Automated Reasoning

By using Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps, the mobile apps once programmed can present options to the customers depending upon various factors. This helps in offering every user an app that is customized to their liking. An app that suggests the shortest route possible to your destination takes input from different drivers in the community and then based on an algorithm finds the best route possible.

Enriched UX

In the pre-AI era, users experienced a number of push notifications on their mobiles. With the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, the apps are able to present only the information that the user may like to have. Rests of the notifications are never directed to the users mobile. By going through vast quantities of data while retaining incredible levels of accuracy, AI has the ability to work out the trends and thus provide customized and personalized user experience to customers.

Buying Behaviour

Every app marketer has a lot of data available to him. The quantity in which this data is available to the marketer is almost impossible to fathom through without the help of some technology. That technology is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence can help you analyse the way the customer reacts with your app. Also, it can single out the customers who are more willing to buy your product from those who are just accessing your app for window shopping. A well-designed Artificial Intelligence based system, has the ability by which to send the users the products they care about (and not about everything).

Consumer Decisions Powered by AI

When a customer goes shopping, he could sift through the entire web-site without even finding what he was looking for. Alternatively, he could set certain options and allow the AI to do the rest for him. AI would present the entire list of products based on the set options. Not only this, the next time the user goes shopping on the same site, he does not have to set the options. The AI-based program has kept track of the users choices. So, the users could simply rely on the decisions that AI has made for him, and save on time.

Going Global with Localization

You developed an app that has the language and currency of your country e.g. for India you could have language as Hindi and currency as INR. What happens if the app were to be used in a global market, say the US? You need to have English and US$ in the settings. Developing an app using the localization features, allows the AI to handle the rest of the process. It can convert the app language to the desired language and the app currency to the desired currency. 

Summing It All

As of now, Artificial Intelligence is becoming the most desired feature of every app. There is more that the marketers of the mobile apps can make from AI-based apps as compared to the general non-AI apps. Tomorrow belongs to AI. The more satisfied a customer is the more products he purchases from you. Using AI, any organization can boost its profits. StintliefTechnologies, a mobile app marketing company in Delhi provides such AI-based apps for its customers. This company provides mobile app marketing services in Delhi and Delhi NCR.