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Microservices vs Monolithic Architecture: Which is better for your project

Microservices vs Monolithic Architecture: Which is better for your project3 min read

Technology is evolving with each day that is passing by. Choosing a better architecture for your next project is one of the most important decisions to take. With many technologies like Cloud, Docker and Container Orchestration Services has provided developers the ability to develop better, more scalable and reliable solutions. In this article, we are going to discuss such two types of architecture I.e, Microservices vs Monolithic Architecture. So let’s start:-

What is Monolithic Architecture?

Before diving into the difference between the two, first, let’s find out what is meant by both the terms. A Monolithic architecture acts as a single unit where all the business logic, UI logic, and Data access layer acts as a single functional unit. Enterprise application consists of three systems: A database to store all the content and information needed on the application. The second client-side part of the application all the user interface of the application and using the front-end part of the application

A user sends the HTTP requests to the server and waits for the response. The third part that is, the server-side application will handle HTTP requests, execute some domain-specific logic, retrieve and update data from the database. 

What is Microservices Architecture?

Microservices break your application into many parts and each part acts as a single unit. You need to deploy each part as a separate part and have to worry about the orchestration tools and try to unify the format the CI pipeline to reduce the time required for each new microservice. While using Microservice you have to manage the infrastructure as not everyone is familiar with Docker, Kubernetes and Mesosphere.

Microservices vs Monolithic Architecture

While using the monolithic architecture, If a single part or business logic of your application breaks down then the whole application breaks down while on the other hand Microservices have the feature that if such thing occurs then other parts of the application will continue to run smoothly.

Deploying the monolithic applications is easy as you only need to deploy once and then simply adjust based on the changes. While Microservices require you to deploy each unit separately and rollbacking a single microservices is very easy in comparison to a monolithic application.

To scale a monolithic application is very hard even if you deploy more workers, every worker still works on a single project. Microservices clearly takes the advantage here as scaling these is very easy as you can use more resources only in those places which require more scaling.


If you have a small team or you are working on a tight deadline and also if you don’t have millions to spend on DevOps or on complex architecture then the Monolithic app must be your choice. While on the other hand, If you don’t have a tight deadline then you can focus more on the architecture and structure of the application along with having a team with knowledge of different knowledge, then Microservices will be a better choice for you. The better approach would be to develop new applications and apps using a monolithic approach and move to microservices only and only when the justification of the move is backed by proper metrics like performance monitoring. If you are a business owner looking for Microservices or Monolithic app then you can definitely go for being one of the emerging Web Development Company In Delhi NCR that can help you get started with your Microservices or Monolithic architecture application. All you need to do is just leave your queries at and we’ll contact you or You can also find us on Facebook ,Twitter, and Linkedin