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Doing More with Magento E-Commerce

Doing More with Magento E-Commerce2 min read

With the boom on the Internet as well as Mobile Applications, a new field that came to the fore as e-Commerce. E-Commerce allows making transactions between consumers and businesses (B2C) or even one business and another (B2B).  Magento E-Commerce offers its users both the above-mentioned models along with unrestricted scalability and open-source suppleness. In todays competitive market, Magento E-Commerce proves itself worthy of an organizations goals  global expansion or mobile. 93% of B2B buyers like to make purchases online, as it is as easy as a business to the consumer experience.

Why Magento E-Commerce & Features of Magento E-Commerce?

  1. Easy Interface: Magento E-Commerce allows its users to create content rapidly and easily due to its easily navigable interface. Magento E-Commerce can help personalize the user experience as per their needs. 
  2.  Independence from Developers: With Magento E-Commerce, one can create and build new content without the intervention of a developer.  This helps in engaging customers so they come repeatedly to check for newer products on the merchant site. Marketers control the design and capacity of their content pages without the involvement of front-end developers. They can design pages as they like and add and position elements without a code using flexible content layouts.
  3. Good for Global Expansion: The timing and agility of the market are all about seizing opportunities in international e-commerce. Magento E-Commerce helps to launch quickly, respond to market shifts, and make the most of new developments, all due to the unique multi-site architecture of Magento E-Commerce.  In a business language, customs, currency, tax, and laws can make a lot of difference. As the Magento architecture uses a common database and a common codebase, it can be configured and launched rapidly in different global markets.
  4. Magento Order Management: With Magento E-Commerce, you can place your order online, get it delivered to your house, or collect it at a store nearby. If a product is not available locally, an associate will get it delivered to you from another location.
  5. Magento BI: Magento Business Intelligence offers options where a merchant can analyze his selling products, where they are selling most, which type of customers are buying which type of products etc. This helps you to perform better in your business.

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Summing It All

In the days of online shopping, Magento Commerce has carved a name for itself. With an easy to use interface, independence from developers, intelligent analysis, and an order system suited to the needs of the customers, it has become the preferred choice for developing e-Commerce solutions.