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5 Social Media Optimization Tips to get results

5 Social Media Optimization Tips to get results3 min read

Digital marketers have spent many years working with Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) to get better results for a website but we can’t stress enough to share with you the importance of Social Media Optimization ( SMO ). Just like SEO, Social media plays an important role in the growth of your business and website. Whether you have a blog or an E-Commerce you are definitely going to get benefit from social media optimization. In this article, we are going to share basic tips to get started with the world of social media and how you can get better results using this. So, let’s start:- 

How To Start With Social Media Optimization

SMO is getting organic traffic and providing brand awareness through various social media channels. Each social media platform has a different utility according to your business. For example, if you own a fashion blog or garment e-Commerce then “Instagram” would be the choice of Social media on which you can focus. Similarly, for blogs, you can get traffic from “Propeller”.

1) Use of Hashtags : 

Hashtags in social media are your friend, you have to wisely choose hashtags according to the post that you are making and keyword that you are targeting. Hashtags are used to categories your post in addition to that they will help you get new users as users search trending hashtags.

2) Consistency is the key:

While posting on the social, make sure to be consistent with your posting and your profile should be 100% complete and should be aligned in accordance with your website. Creating a social profile is easy but maintaining the profile is where lots of you get lost and doesn’t the full benefit of social media.

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3) Use Branded Cover Images :

Every social media e.g, Facebook, LinkedIn gives you the option to set your brand cover images. You always have to set your best foot forward in every case. Cover images are generally the first things that the visitors notice about social media and as the saying goes the first impression is the last impression.

4) Be “Social” On Social Media

People often forget that these platforms are called “Social” Media for a reason. These are used to build a relationship with your potential customers and provide brand awareness about your brand. On social media, how often you are posting and how you are interacting with the users is considered very important.

5) Keep Optimized Social Profile

Having social profile set up is easy but maintaining the social profile is what matters the most. You have to fill out all the information such as profile picture, bio of the company, cover image, and other related information. Completeness in your profile makes it more authentic and usable.


Social media could be of uttermost benefit if used properly. Apply these 5 tips for your social media optimization and see the results get amplified. If you find this article useful, then do tell us by commenting below and tell us your favorite social media tips.