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Best 5 Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools In 2019

Best 5 Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools In 20194 min read

Having a mobile application for your business was considered s a luxury but gone are those days. Nowadays, having a mobile application is more of a necessity. But for a developer, developing a mobile application for multiple platforms was a headache. Because code has to be rewritten for every platform whether it is Android or windows or iOS.

Remember in earlier days, every website was used to have Flash. It could run on any browser or platform but then came the HTML5 which could do many things that Flash could do. Cross-platform application tools are not new and they are the holy grail of building software

But in today’s time, we have a cross-platform Mobile App which not only solves this problem but also saves time and the money of the business owner. Developing a cross-platform is also easy all you have to do use any cross-platform mobile app development tool available in the market. So let’s find out about such 5 tools which you can use:

5 Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools

# Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe-PhoneGap for Cross-platfrom Mobile App Development
Image Credit Adobe

PhoneGap which is now owned by adobe and known as Adobe PhoneGap is such cross-platform tools that use basic web technologies like HTML, CSS, and javascript to build a mobile application that is native in look and feel. Phonegap also has a unified API to use mobile hardware like a camera, gallery, GPS, and storage.

# Xamarin

Image Credit: Xamarin

Using Xamarin, the developer can write the cross-platform application using Ruby and C# which not only saves time but also very cost-effective also. The only disadvantage of using the Xamarin is that the free version of the tools offers very few features and does not allow a developer to use open-source libraries due to compatibility issues. Many big companies like IBM, Microsoft uses Xamarin.

# React Native

Image Credit Github

It was introduced by Facebook in 2015 and it will be very unfair not to include React Native in the list due to its popularity among the developers and app development community. React Native uses javascript to write the cross-platform application which gives awesome native-like feel. Using this developer can fully utilize the Write Once Use Everywhere.

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# Flutter

Image credit Flutter

Flutter was introduced by Google in 2017 and it very young relative to other tool but it is very close to “code once, deploy twice”. Flutter uses Dart to compile to native code structure and it uses Dart Virtual Machine. One of the most interesting that we like about Flutter is that it uses Hot Reload which changes in code can be directly injected in runtime.

# Appcelerator

With the Appcelerator, a developer can speed up the process of building the cross-platform application. This tool also uses ArrowDB-  a schema-less data store which makes the life of the developer a bit easy. The developer can create Mobile applications for platforms like iOS and Android; it even supports HTML5 and hybrid apps.

If you are a developer you can use any of the Cross-platform mobile application tools and enjoy the seamless benefits of Native Apps. If you are a business owner looking for Native application then you can definitely go for being one of the emerging Cross-Platform mobile app development company in Delhi NCR that can help you get started with your Cross-platform application. All you need to do is just leave your queries at and we’ll contact you or You can also find us on Facebook ,Twitter, and Linkedin