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Reasons Why PHP Is A Good Choice For Web Development

Reasons Why PHP Is A Good Choice For Web Development5 min read

Web Development is something everyone is looking forward to in this decade. Most of the start-ups are based on websites so this has become a major part of the market lately. A widely used open-source general-purpose scripting language developed for web development is PHP which stands for hypertext Preprocessor.  This scripting language for web development is embedded with HTML. PHP programming language is broadly used for site development and also for improving the web application. India being a growing market and Web Development Company in Delhi NCR provides the easy to use websites. 

Many web developers use PHP because of the ease of development it provides and also maintenance is quite easy and affordable. This scripting language is so well designed that for changing or modifying a code it is very flexible and can be easily changed. The updates and maintaining the services for web development can be easy to access in case the business decides to change something. This programming language is widely used by many for developing websites and applications backend as well.

From creating simple function keys to giving a particular method to the website or web application PHP programming language is used.

Why Choosing PHP is a good choice

For developing a web application or in web development you need to choose a programming language that meets your needs, gives you flexibility while programming the website you are developing, and should meet the requirement you have. PHP is a great programming language for a new business but along with that more than 50 % of the market uses PHP. 


StintLief Technologies is one of the finest web development companies in Delhi and provides a great service in PHP as per the need of the website. PHP holds a special place amongst web developers due to its special feature which allows the developer to use minimum code for development. Even though it also comes with the memory development feature and functions provided are a few things you require for your website which PHP provides: 

1. Simplicity:  The code development in PHP is very simple and easy. Moreover, there are hardly any developers who complain about developing a website or web application with PHP. The syntax of PHP is easy and well-organized.

2. Increased Programming talent: This programming language is used for modification and building the website. The modifications and the changes update brings with PHP is very easy to deal with.

3. Exceptional Work: The world though connected online is changing fast. Even big companies and businesses adapt to the latest trends and web development. PHP allows you to adapt content and works exceptionally well in maintenance.

4. Standard Library: This is the one difference that differentiates between a good programming language and a great programming language. Libraries are responsible for data processing speed that comes with a programming language and also helps the web developer to simply the database. Moreover, PHP also supports the HTTP, URL parsing, fetching data, etc. Making a complete web developing scripting language.

5. Embedded-ability: adaptive content is the call for the day in every field. Even in web development, it is the same. PHP is a programming language which allows you to code easily with HTML and for a highly responsive website HTML5 is great and this way PHP helps a lot.

PHP and its importance in Web Development

There are many ways in which PHP can be helpful in web development. Not just in the flexibility of the PHP engine and easy maintenance of the website, there are a few more reasons that make PHP a better programming language.
Here are a few features that PHP provides in web development:

1. Performance: PHP, being an embedded scripting language it increases the performance of the website. The loading speed of the website also tends to increase when using opcode cache which is free and provides a significant performance increase by essentially “compiling” your scripts into opcodes that can be used by the Zend Engine directly without the overhead (an overused term IMO) of parsing the code on each request.

2. Compatibility: Being a language for major databases, operating systems, and widely used for web development PHP is highly compatible. This language supports operating systems like Linux, Solaris, and many others without any re-development which saves time and money. Not just that it also supports the common protocols used by the developers like POP3, LDAP, COM, HTTP, etc.

3. Open Source: Being an open-source technology it becomes very easy for the developers to reduce the overheads of the projects. No matter if it is a large or a small business, PHP can be used effectively by both. Moreover, it helps the developer to reduce the time of development and use open source PHP frameworks for advantage.

This diagram shows the percentages of websites using various versions of PHP.

4. Scalability: Many beginner developers as well as high traffic controlling websites use PHP. This scripting language allows the developers to code a website whether it’s small and simple or its large and complex website.

Wrapping Off

The large community of PHP also helps new and advanced programmers to work with this programming language. This way PHP makes it a good choice for the developer for Web Development and  Stintlief Technologies can serve you best for your Web Development requirements. It is a professional website development company excels in branding, creating a website using the advanced technology available in web development. Just leave your queries at or You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin