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Latest UI/UX Designs Trends To Follow in 2020-2021

Latest UI/UX Designs Trends To Follow in 2020-20216 min read

In any software, the interface is a major thing that makes the application more likely to use it again for the visitors. The interface does not just depend on how it appears but also on how it works. Here are two designs that most of the designers use to build interfaces in the software or any computerized device. It focuses on the looks or style and everything that is seen on the website; UI and UX are those designs.

What is UI and UX ?

UI design stands for User Interface Design and it is then used to build the interfaces of software. Usually, it refers to the graphical interface with the user and it has lately evolved to the voice control interfaces too./p>

Whereas UX Design stands for User Experience design. This is quite different from the UI design, here the design teams use this to create a product or service that gives the user a very relevant and useful experience. In other words, it is a process where products are designed in such a way that makes the user experience with the interface easy, useful, and fun. It enhances the users experience and gives out a better interface while the user is interacting with your product./p>

Be different to stand out

There is always a battle between these two designing processes where those who prefer the other argue the other is better. StintLief provides the best user interface for the developers no matter which you prefer. It is one of the finest UI UX Designing Company in Delhi NCR. The interface needs to develop and change with time as millions of people visit websites every time. There should be the trend the website interface uses for the development and attention of the visitor. Constant change is required to stand out of the crowd and most of the websites do that with their interface using the latest UI/UX Designs Trends.

For 2020-2021 here are a few of the leading UI/UX Designs Trends that can change the whole outlook of your software moreover, a few of the trends are used by some of the biggest companies in the world.

12 Major Trends In UI/UX Designs To Dominate In 2020-2021

UI/UX Designs Trends
  1. Dark mode: This trend is one of the finest and had major attention when the social media giant Instagram introduced it and it was an instant hit. It gives a premium and a modern look even though the elements are the same. It also allows popping and highlighting other design elements.
  1. Uniqueness in Shortcomings: This trend is sort of incomplete on the outlook. Lately, the users have actively accepted and liked such designs which are incomplete or hand-drawn or imperfect. This easily allows the brand to stand apart from the competition and create a unique identity.
  1. Fascinating 3D elements: 3D has always been an interest for the users and now when it can be added to the interface for interaction it gives an instant impact. To work with AR and VR, the high performance of the website or software is required, the rest is just taken care of by the Interface. It increases the average time a user spends interacting on the website and the best UI UX Designing Company has made it possible.
  1. Soft Shadow, layers, and floating trends: Sometimes you do not require 3D to grab the attention of the user while interacting. A touch of soft shadows will smooth it over and the layers you add to it will make your page slightly like 3D. Layering along with these is majorly used by the websites in 2020. It makes them appear classic, and attractive at the same time.
  1. Mixing Graphics with Images: 2020 brought with it a new trend and UI/UX designs have very well adapted to it. The overlapping of graphics with images has made the interface more creative and given a touch of standing different from others.
  1. Voice User Interface: The virtual world has come alive when the UI/UX designs introduced voice chatbots and assistants. Major firms like Google, Apple, and implemented it in their UI/UX design process. StintLief provides this complicated and fun UI UX Designing Service in Delhi./li>
  1. Abstract Data Visualization: Tables, graphs, lists, databases and other formats are outdated today for designing an interface. To replace that Abstract Data Visualization can be the solution of the websites and it is a good way to reflect creativity and depth. It is one of the emerging UI/UX designs in 2020.
  1. Product Photos: To gain the attention of the user interacting the interface requires to be interesting. One of the creative ways brands have used this is by making their product photos more creative and different. Giving the user surreal item photos. Widely used by online stores and major brands like Nike for grabbing the attention of the users.
  1. Realistic Textures: This is one of those trends that reminds us that what goes around comes around. It was earlier used in the pre-online era and is now gaining popularity on the online interfaces to give users a lively example.
  1. Bold Fonts: The use of bold fonts in UI/UX designs makes the design attention-grabbing and highlights something, usually a quality. It acts as a heading of a newspaper.
  1. UX writing and microcopy: Gone are the days when product and service were everything for the company. Being unique and popular is the trend. Many brands are using a similar style of adding humor and made the interaction less formalized. With UX writing and Microcopy, they have even made it possible.
  2. Unusual and catchy color combinations: to grab the attention of the human eye it is important that you come out creatively. Colour combinations with uniqueness and message have made it possible to get the design struck in the memory./li>

Final Thoughts

At Stintlief Technologies, we believe that the UI without UX is just like beauty without brains and no one wants a website with such qualities. To succeed in creating a unique and engaging user interface, try to choose and combine several tendencies. To wrap it off we would like to quote a famous saying by Steve Jobs on UI/UX Designs Trends which goes something like this:

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backward to the technology. You can’t start with the technology and try to figure out where can I sell it.

Steve Jobs