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How To Choose Payment Gateway For Businesses

How To Choose Payment Gateway For Businesses2 min read

Now a days everything is online from shopping to paying online and if you are one of the business owner of any of this type of business then you definitly need one Payment Gateway For Businesses to accept payment and make that cash flow)n. But choosing a payment gateway is not that easy as to flip a button and boom all the cash flow comes in it requires some research and some of tips to choose the right payment gateway for your business. Here is a list of payment gateway for you choose form.

How To Choose Payment Gateway For Businesses

Your ultimate goal should be finding a hassle-free gateway that supports your business model, your product or service by allowing you to create any payment scenario you want in the most simple, fast and friendly way.

Payment Gateway For Business

Some of the payment Gateway for the online business are as follows:-

  1. Instamojo
  2. PayUmoney
  3. Paypal
  4. PayTm
  5. Citrus
  6. CC Avenue
  7. EBS etc….

You need to ask some questions while choosing any Payment Gateway which are as follows:-

# -What is your payout policy?

Each payment gateway has different payout policy it does not work that easy.It;s not like you got money they will put that money directly into your account.Youre paid out in a batch on a regular basis, but the time frame for payouts can vary from every few days to once per month!

# -/w easy is setup?

Some gateways are easy to use .You put some information in and you go off to the backend and set up your payment gateway hassel free but some require lots of effort to put in.You need to be concerned if you are setting your own gateway until and unless someone else is doing that for you.

#-/w much does your service cost?

Payment gateway take there own share of money for accepting payment on your behalf you should know about that as well.For example:- In Instamojo ,the normal3trong>transaction fee/a>at Instamojo is 2% of the amount + 3 per transaction excluding GST, for all Domestic Transactions. PayUMoney take3pan class=”num”>2%/span>per successful transaction* .

# – Do they offer integrated checkout ?

Customers and business owners alike prefer to have their checkout process as safe and seamless as possible; being able to embed the payment page on your website is a major feature that many merchants prioritize.

We hope this guide has been helpful in your search for the best payment gateway for your Businesses. Have any questions about picking a gateway?Stintlief Technologies/b>can serve you best for your Payment Gateway For Businesses requirements, just leave your queries at3trong>info@stintlieftechnologies.comou can also find us on3trong>Facebook/strong>,Twitter/strong>and3trong>Linkedin