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6 Signs Your Website is Boring And How To Fix It

6 Signs Your Website is Boring And How To Fix It4 min read

With billion of searches daily it is very important that once a customer visits your website he must find it appealing. There are a time and place for boring stuff (working late night hours or watching daily soap operas) but one place boring does not belong is website. With the thunderous amount of website development companies around us, it is hard to find the one which will deliver the right website to us and which must be appealing enough for the customer. Here today we are going to find out about the 6 Signs Your Website is Boring And How To Fix It ;-). So let’s begin

6 Signs Your Website is Boring And How To Fix It

6 Signs Your Website is Boring
6 Signs Your Website is Boring
1. Fonts are too plain and unimaginative

Web design is typically is at that place where not addressing the web font typography is a crime. It is good to have something written in style which will give a look and feel to a web portal.Your little corner in the world has unparalleled potential you just need to bring it on.There are thousand of choices of typography to choose from to add some extra bling to your web portal.

2 . Home Page doesn’t have any focus point.

When a user visits your web portal first he notices about your website is your blog.And for a blog to not have a focus point is like a plan without a destination.This can occur when your homepage has too little or too much of content . To fix this problem, you need to focus on what the user want to see on your website or why he had visited your website.Try to add some “Slider” with some informative content to be display or use some “Hero” images to attract the users.

3. Design and Color of your website is too boring

First thing first, to make a website more attractive or visually appealing depends upon the colors you design the web portal with.Color catches the eye, and provides an instant layer of communication. Even before the conscious mind has started thinking, the subconscious has already assessed if something is interesting or not. Purely based on colors.

color psychology
color psychology
4. Calls to action are unclear or non-existent

Not having a clear vision about the call to action button is pointless and is basically dumb enough. The web portal which do not have Call to action are specifically going nowhere.Consumers are more likely to respond to modern design because it looks sleek and well-taken care of, which is what your consumers hope to be: taken care of.To fix this first, be sure to include some sort of call to action (CTA) on each page of your website. Then, make them to-the-point and easily recognizable. Using some pair of icons is also recommended.

5. Big and Long chunks of text running forever

No one on your web portal is interested in reading long chunks of text which is running like forever. Big chunk of data makes a web portal looks boring and unimaginative. While it’s good to have content on your website for SEO purposes and stuff but excess of everything id bad and same applies in the web development and design case.To fix this issue, break your text into multiple sections and make them stylish.They provide readers with visuals to grab their attention and maintain interest in what you have to say. Beyond that, the use of HTML headers (H2, H3, etc.) help divide text into multiple sections

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6. Nothing Unique about your website

The best way to stand out from the crowd as a business is by being unique. If a consumer sees the same design on your web portal that they’ve seen on hundreds of others, they’re going to dismiss your business as one that doesn’t care enough to look professional and legitimate.There must be something which makes your web portal stands out from others.

Recovering from BWS (Boring Website Syndrome)

If your website is also suffering from Boring Website Syndrome 🙂 then you have to take care of it.Optimize your website for the modern user. Use colors to market your product, but not too many; keep your technology and designs up to date; use legible font choices that match your style of branding; and separate your texts into readable chunks. But this above all: to thine own website be true. That is, be individual with your branding to set yourself apart and you will remain memorable in the minds of your consumers.But, as we’ve found, recovery can become a reality. A few simple steps can turn a boring site into something much more interesting. And, if you feel your current site is a lost cause, you can take comfort in knowing how to approach the next version and in that case Stintlief Technologies can serve you best for your digital requirements, just leave your queries at You can also find us on Facebook ,Twitter and Linkedin