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Legacy Software Modernization

Transform Your Technology with Legacy Software Modernization

As per recent surveys, a lot of many users indicated to feel their existing legacy systems, such as ERPs, to be out of date. Apart from this, they also showed a large scale modernization planning for the same purpose. As a result of modernization, revenue can be increased up to a greater extent.

Legacy modernization involves many aspects of the business, from building a new engine to rendering business services required for running your business. The purpose of legacy software modernization is to transform and enhance the technology used in your business altogether.

Stintlief Technologies is a leading legacy software modernization company that helps you with developing legacy software for performing critical services.

What Are the Options We Provide You?

You now have understood how we can help you get escalated benefits from application legacy software modernization. But, you must also know what are the options that we provide you for the same purpose are. Let’s find out!

1) Cloud Migration

Clod migration services that we at Stintlief Technologies provide help you in effectively saving their data. With this service, you can transfer your data hassle-free from one online computer to another cloud-based network.

It is the perfect option for you when you spend a lot of your time in maintaining and securing of your precious data.

2) Modernized Interface

With our modernized interfaces, we help you cast an everlasting impression on your users by establishing trust with them through personal devices, including smartphones, mobile websites, and tablets.

3) Mobile-Friendliness

The goal of our legacy modernization software is to deploy your business services onto brand new production platforms. As a result, it increases its market share. We work in your software to make it flexible enough so that it can work on a variety of different devices.

Consequently, you can reduce all the risks associated with the new architecture along with the hardware, thereby expanding your reach to new customers.

The Reason Why We Stand Out for Legacy Software Modernization?

With the help of our legacy software modernization, your business can explore a plethora of positive experiences. Let’s get to know the benefits that you would get from our services:

1) Great User Productivity

With our modernized legacy software with user interfaces that are responsive, productive, informative, and provide an excellent user experience. It sets the ground for a fast, versatile, and flexible user interface for a smooth workflow.

2) Scalability

Scalability is the utmost need for every business because you never know when and what would be your requirements in the future. Therefore, we offer efficient legacy software that provides trust and demonstrate scalability to the end-users.

As modern-day applications need a lot more features and integrations like video, voice, email, browsers, and a lot more, we provide a multipurpose and versatile legacy software modernization with our forward-thinking approaches.

3) Cost Reduction

Legacy software application interface might render increased training costs with decreased productivity as many people can handle a window-style interface. We at Stintlief Technologies help you dodge such issues and provide you with overwhelming results.

With our application modernization services, you can decrease operational costs up to a greater extent to achieve a win-win situation.

Witness your technologies getting transformed by collaborating with us!

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